Partnership program

InstaForex Partnership program is a no-risk method of earning secure profit along with InstaForex. Forex-brokers earn on spreads, which clients pay when they open deals. You can earn part of the broker profits, if you become a partner and attract new clients.
You can work by attracting clients, depending on your skills, and therefore you may choose one of three types of partnership program:
- trader-partner
- Webmaster-partner
- Representative-partner

Partnership program general terms
Regardless of the type of partnership chosen, you have access to the following:
1) earning 1.5 point profit from the spread or 0.015% of the volume of each deal, depending on the account type.
2) a partnership link, which can be placed on a website or personal page
3) an opportunity to use any information from the InstaForex website and obtain advice on the running of the partnership program.

Partnership program technology
The idea of the partnership program is that any participant spreads information, one way or another, about the company to other people. When those people open accounts at the company, you earn profit with each deal made. There are two ways to record visitors.
- use a partnership link, where each visitor who links to us within a 6-month time period, automatically becomes your referral if an account is opened within that time period.
- use a record system, where you’ll have to know the full name and trading account number of the client attracted.
In order to turn the attracted client into a referral, you have to send an email to the following address, and mention the necessary information as well as give your partnership account number as well. Later you receive credit for the deals the client you attracted makes, as the trading account was opened through your partnership link.

Partnership Program description types

If you are a real Forex market trader and would like to earn additional profit from the partnership program without any serious investment in that area, then this type of partnership is for you. You may spread information about the company among your friends and traders.
It is not necessary to open each trading account using your partnership link, because you can use the record system to keep track of clients you attracted, just by keeping track of their full name, and account number.

If you own website, a personal page, blog or any other web resource where you can display InstaForex company information or our website link, then you may become a participate in this type of partnership program.
Regardless of how easy it is to use the record system for keeping track clients who open accounts, this type of partnership program implies that the main source of clients will be attracted through partnership resource links, which you place.

This type or partnership program is for physical and legal parties in the American, Asian and Pasific regions, who are able to render representative services in their cities and towns.
Representatives get significant interest rate from each deposit made to a trading account, which is made via their office/service, as their work includes not just work with clients, but also money transactions.
Should you have significant interest in becoming a representative in the American, Asian and Pasific regions, then InstaForex guarantees an appreciable return for this type of partnership.

Please send all questions dealing with participation in the partnership program to or to Yahoo messenger contact 

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